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Whether your looking to restore an aged photo to return it to it former glory, featuring it on your wedding day memory table, or need it for a funeral or memorial service Arts Ink Photography has you covered. The Arts Ink Photography photo restoration technique allows us to return nearly any photo to their former glory, even those damaged by tears, light, water, mold, pets, or children. Service pricing ranges from $25-$50 depending on the severity of the image. Some cases may be subject to additional charges, but are discussed prior to starting the project. Each restoration includes a digital copy of your restored image available to download plus 10% off high quality prints and canvases. Imagine turning your restored photo(s) into a canvas, or photo book.  

Photo Restoration Services at Arts Ink PhotographyRestore your aged or worn photos and preserve age old memories for generations to come.

What Photo Restoration Services Include:


Damages to photos come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to photo restoration we're able to remove and repair most photos. Restoration includes stain removal, color cast cleanup, recoloring aged yellow paper, colorizing photographs, and partial colorization. Arts Ink Photography also works to restore faded (color) photographs, calibrate color levels, correct contrast, as well as remove scratches, and children's pen marks.


We're also able to restore photos with extreme damage such as fixing a ripped photo torn with many pieces. Our restoration service mends all flaws by retouching photos and enhancing or manipulating images.


Repair and Restore Ages and Worn Military Photos at Arts Ink PhotographyArts Ink Photography Repairs Aged, Worn or Torn Photos, and returns them to their former glory. Located in Whitinsville, MA we're able to serve clients of all shapes and sizes across the country.



Arts Ink Photography specializes in restoring family pictures, old photographs, and rebuilding torn pieces. Our photo restoration services and your satisfaction are very important to Arts Ink Photography, that is why we excel in this market. Photo preservation and quality photo repairs are an important part of what we do. There's nothing more rewarding than a clients happy tears after making the past come alive in a photo.


Professional Photo Restoration and Repair Services in Whitinsville, MAWhether your restoring an aged photo to return it to it former glory, or feature it on your wedding day memory table Arts Ink Photography has you covered.