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Graphic Design

I have been working in the graphic design field on and off for ten years now. I took a short term break from my creative outlook to focus on internet marketing for leading agencies including Gatehouse Media and Hearst media and more recently decided it was time to return to my roost, but with a more well rounded idea of how the design world and marketing world drastically affect one another.

My approach is extremely consultative. Getting to know the client as well as the messaging, product, and prospective market view. Nothing gives me more pleasure than being able to bring a clients ideas to view through a tangible set of market materials.

I specialize in the following products:

- Logo Design
- Business Card Design
- Promotional Materials
- Brochure Design
- Coupons
- Print Ad Design
- Online Display Ad Design
- Banners
- Stationary
- Letterheads
- T-Shirt Design
- Website Design & Directory Submissions
- Events & Trade Show Marketing Materials
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