Congratulations your Arts Ink Wedding Gallery is Complete!

Now it's time to place your order for pre-ordered prints, archival USB, canvases and more!




STEP 1: Login or create an account here

*If you cannot access your account, have created one before or cannot remember your password, please go here and select reset your password. Enter your default email, or an email you have used in the past. 


STEP 2: Go to the client access page HERE



STEP 3: Enter the GALLERY ID provided by your photographer.


*Your gallery ID will be exactly nine numbers long. If you do not have a gallery ID or cannot get your gallery ID to work email us here.




Step 4: Choose the images you want to print by adding them to your favorites.

Simply use your mouse to hover of the image you would like to choose, then click on the heart at the top right hand of each image to add to your gallery favorites.





Step 5: Once you've "hearted" or "selected" all of the images you'd like to add to your favorites scroll up the the top of the page and select "add to favorites" at the top right-hand corned of the page. Your favorites will be sorted into a Favorites Folder at the top left hand of your wedding gallery. 


Step 6: Click on your favorites folder. 



Step 7: Select the "Share Favorites" button at the top right-hand side of the page. This will share your favorites folder with us. 




Step 8: Using the image numbers at the right-hand side of each image, fill in the online pre-ordered prints form at the orange button below. Image numbers start at one from right-left, top to bottom. Make sure to keep track of the quantity of prints based on what comes in your package.  





Step 8: Once you click on the form link above it will redirect you to a page that looks like the following. Enter your name and email to begin filling in the form.   
Step 9: Once you've filled in the form with the image numbers and respective sizes you would like included in your package select "done" at the top right-hand corner.   
Step 10: A notification will pop up asking you to confirm that you are done. You can keep editing or select good to go.   
Step 11: Once you select good to go the system will give you an option to either download a copy or send a copy to your email. Choose the option that suits you best.   
Step 12: Confirm your form by selecting continue.  
Step 13: You will then be re-directed to our thank you page confirming that your form has been received.