Downloading Your Images to your Mobile Device

Follow these instructions to download images to your mobile device

The easiest way to view and download your images to your mobile device is to use the Photo Moments App by Zenfolio. You can even use the app to add images to your ‘favorites’ which is useful for choosing images for an album or prints! There are several methods to download the images including using only your mobile browser, but they can vary by operating system, so for simplicities sake, the following step-by-step instruction has been created for the Photo Moments app.

The Photo Moments app is available for both  iOS and  Android mobile devices.

Step 1:
You will receive a separate link to a special link for the web resolution album that allows the album to be viewed in the app. Open the web access link provided in the e-mail with your gallery passcodes. The link will say something like this:

You can also view and download the web resolution images on your iOS/Android device by downloading the Photo Moments app by Zenfolio using this link:


Step 2:
Swipe up to see your web gallery. Touch the gallery to open the full album and then entire your name, e-mail and passcode for viewing. Select ‘continue’.

Step 3:
You will now see the full image gallery. You can scroll down and see all of the images in thumbnail form until you find an image you’d like to download or see larger.

Step 4:
You can download images in two ways. You can either download them individually or download several at one time. To download them individually, simply select and view the image you’d like to download, then click the download icon (bottom left of the screen). Select ‘Save original’ to save the highest quality version of your image.


To download several images at a time, click the download icon (bottom left of the screen) from the main thumbnail gallery. If you have hundreds of images you’d like to download, it’s probably best to do this from your desktop. If you’d rather just download them all right to your phone, select ‘Save originals’. To download a few, touch ‘Select photos and videos’ then proceed to select all of the images you’d like to download.

As you select the images, they will become a little faded and the number above the download arrow will increase with each selection.


Step 5:
When you’re done selecting your images, touch the download icon in the bottom left and select ‘Save originals'.


After the download has completed, the images will now be within the photos folder of your mobile device.