Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Deorsey: Blog en-us Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Deorsey (Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Deorsey) Tue, 01 Feb 2022 14:13:00 GMT Tue, 01 Feb 2022 14:13:00 GMT Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Deorsey: Blog 90 120 Amy & Todd's Southwick's Zoo Wedding I have had to honor of capturing wedding photos at many places around not only New England but the world. One location that has eluded me thus far was the zoo. Suffice it to say I was elated when Amy and Todd asked me to capture their special day at my all time favorite zoo Southwick's in Mendon, MA. It's a place my family frequents often and is a source of laughter and joy.

What was truly the most unique thing of all about this day was the ever-present focus on family values. Todd's first look with his daughter was a special one. I love it when I can capture a dad gushing over his kid. Nothing beats that (ok maybe when the dads cry during the first dance). 

The private third floor suite above Galliford's Restaurant, was the perfect place for Amy and her girls to get ready. The evening sun coming through the balcony door made for a warm beautiful light that really captured this groups warm and bright personalities. 

The rustic wooden accents of the room made for a great spot to capture all those intimate details while getting ready, including the sliding wooden doors. It made for the perfect place to stage Amy's beautiful wedding dress. 


When a girl walks her mom down the aisle, that is saying something truly special about the marriage about to take place, and the kind of man she's walking her too. What a truly spectacular moment when Amy's daughter walked her through the Deer Forest and down the aisle to Todd.I think the expressions on their faces say it all. 

The white chairs were set delicately among the tall trees and down a dirt path, while deer and elk roamed around the couple as they shared their vows. 

They also made a point of stepping into our group shots for a few quick cameos. No one was upset about the fuzzy company that joined us. 

The highlight is that their special day was also during the festival of lights! Not only were we able to capture some truly fabulous shots during their ceremony in the Deer Forest, but we were also able to take full advantage of the Festival of Lights displays. Night-time photography is one of my favorites! I was able to use 100% ambient light from the displays and capture this silhouetted shot of Amy and Todd against the wall of flowers. 


The Daniel's Room was set beautifully for their intimate reception, and of course dancing not just with each other, but their daughters wrapped up the day in style and grace. 

Bramble and Bleu did a fabulous job on their three tier wedding cake, with a rustic birch heart and fresh flowers similar to the bridal bouquet. 

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A Stony Creek Farm Engagement Session I met Janessa and Sean at my favorite local coffee shop on an early summer morning. Janessa had contacted me via my website, and was referred to me from Arrowhead Acres. Arrowhead Acres is located in Uxbridge, Massachusetts owned and is owned and operated by some great friends I've developed over the years. Dave, Vicki and their family run a beautiful event facility that offers the perfect rustic charm with an abutting Christmas Tree Farm, and slew of friendly farm animals. As a preferred vendor and the exclusive on-site photographer for the holidays I've captured many weddings, engagements and holiday photos there over the last few years. 

Over the course of an hour Janessa, Sean and I immediately hit it off. We spent the better part that hour just talking over coffee about their upcoming wedding, kids, family and more. Many of my client interactions happen that way. I've always liked to keep things casual and friendly, and my goal is to always treat others with grace and a friendly smile. In that hour it was decided I would have the pleasure of capturing their engagement and wedding photos.  

What I love most about being an independent is that when it comes to special requests I need only ask the lady in the mirror aka myself so when Janessa requested to include her two boys in her their engagement session I couldn't be happier to say yes! Our photography session at Stony Creek Farm in Swansea, MA was a great one. We chased the sun on a hot summer day in July and started bright and early at 8:00 am. The best part were the friendly and downright hilarious farm animals that insisted on being a part of the session, Naturally we all loved it, especially the kids! Particularly the 80lb, 8 year old pot-belly big that insisted on following me around the farm. Half covered in mud and smiling with his snout in the air. It was definitely the most entertaining engagement session I've had all year. I even got a slight wake up call when I leaned into the electric wire on the fence. Lets just say I was zinging afterwards. 

Even the horses in the barn were up for being parts of this special families first photos as a group before tying the knot. Especially a buttercup colored one who gave Janessa's oldest son a kiss and closed her eyes just as we were taking the photo. I love hearing when people say this is my first time having professional photos taken. Look at that face! Isn't she precious, actually now I'm wondering if that could be her name....hmmmm?

Towards the end of our session the farmers market vendors were buzzing around getting their booths setup for the day. Particularly an antique vendor, who lets us slip by his booth to get some really fun shots. Not nearly as fun as Janessa's personal idea for a tribute to their family road trips. What a great morning with two awesome people and some absolutely awesome kids. These are the moments I live for and I can't wait to join this great family on their big day!


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How I Captured A Wedding 11 Days Post-Op | 6 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Wedding Photographer As a photographer I always get that question. What do you do in the case of an emergency? Its a real concern for most couples getting married today. Let's face it with the rise of the internet and generalized auto setting on most DSLR cameras everyone is trying to be a photographer and the horror stories that ensue can be terrifying. Even some that I have read have left me doing the iconic face-palm move. 

As a professional photographer with almost ten years experience one of the most important things to consider are the "what if's." For most of those situations we have the Arts Ink Assurance, which covers our customers and us in the event of an extreme emergency. However there are those things that can occur that you aren't prepared for, and in those situations we have our professional network we rely on for coverage and support. 

If you're one of my clients "aka really you're my friend" then you've more than likely heard me joke about how the only thing that could truly ever hold me back from showing up to a wedding is if my appendix ruptured. It would take heaven and earth to truly hold me back from showing up to a wedding, and in ten years I haven't missed one yet. I've captured wedding with the flu, and even viral meningitis (no I was not aware I had it I just thought I was really sick- RALLY ON). 

Just five weeks ago after doing an overnight wedding at the Girl Scout Camp in Richmond, Rhode Island I awoke on a Monday morning with odd stomach pain. Let's just say the joke was on me when the next day I was rushed into emergency appendectomy surgery. I had just met with one of my awesome couples Cassie and Erwin early that week to review their upcoming wedding itinerary. We had talked in great detail about their wedding vision and I always review that in the event of an extreme emergency "aka my appendix ever going," that my awesome assistant Amanda, from Amanda Jean Photography, who is also a full time photographer and experienced professional in her own right, is my backup for coverage. Luckily for me I had exactly eleven days to rally post-surgery before my next scheduled wedding. Aka Cassie and Erwin's wedding. 

Realistically if you've ever had major surgery it takes approximately three to six weeks to fully recover from the trauma. I however am a ninja monkey and a couple days before the wedding I called Cassie and informed her of my predicament. I would still very much be present at the wedding day and still taking photos, but my assistant Amanda would also be on hand to take over in between, because I was still very much recovering. However, being the stubborn mule I really am, I was present with Amanda in every moment. Although on more than one occasion she had to help me up from the ground because I still insisted on getting my nostalgic ground shots, specifically those during sunset on the Cranston Country Club grounds. 

So that begs the question was does a hobbyist photographer due in the event of an emergency? For us it's accessing our professional network of coverage and making sure that our couples don't have to stress days before their wedding to find someone to cover the event is a fast solution. Everyone needs an Amanda! Our pro network is one of our biggest assets and so important! We also provide both general and personal liability insurance, which most venues require your vendors to provide almost 99% of the time.

At the end of the day for us our number one priority, outside of providing you with your dream wedding images is making sure our clients are both protected and always satisfied. In ten years we've never missed a wedding and if this isn't a testament to that I don't know what is.


When choosing a wedding photographer and comparing professionals here are 6 questions you should consider asking:


1.) What do you do in the event you cannot make it to the wedding?

It's important to realize that as photographers we are also people too. Things can and will happen. Let's just face it, it's Murphy's Law. In the event an emergency does come up it's important to know that your photographer has a backup. For us we have a network of professionals that we not only rely on but refer those individuals too, whose weddings we cannot capture. We also have professional liability insurance for those extreme situations caused by weather and accidents. Protecting all parties. Granted like I said we haven't missed a wedding in ten years but if the situation should ever arise our clients are covered because we take our business serious. Make sure when considering a photographer they have all their ducks in a row. 

2.) What image file type do you shoot in?

If they respond JPEG. Move along! We only shoot in RAW image formats. Why is that important? RAW files are unprocessed image files. When a photographer chooses JPEG format the images are processed and compressed in camera. Loosing both depth, color and contrast. That leaves little to no room for the photographer to process them manually in a professional program like Lightroom and make simple corrections that the camera does not allow for. Shooting RAW vs. JPEG also affects print quality and size. When you shoot in RAW you record all of the data from the sensor. This gives the highest quality files.

3.) Do you shoot Auto or Manual? 

This is an important question to ask. A true professional shoots in manual 100% of the time and understands how light works. Also check them on whether or not they use on camera flash " that pop up flash on their camera" or strobe lights. If your photographer is using an on camera flash then they are 100% a novice and don't understand the theory of light, which is our business. 

4.) Do you have backup equipment?

I can tell from experience equipment fails. I had three flashes in one day fail all simultaneously. On average we carry 5-6 with us at any given time. I've also had batteries fail and cameras stop focusing. That being said we've enough experience that we bring three cameras, six lenses, six light stands, six strobe lights, eight remote flash triggers, one hundred twenty AA batteries, and five camera batteries with us AT ALL TIMES! When it comes to your special day it's not worth taking the risk on someone without a backup plan. 

5.) Can you show me Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Photos

On more than one occasion I've seen the novice shooter post in Facebook Wedding Groups the same key 20 images. All outside, in the perfect lighting condition where auto can work. Ask them to see church wedding photos, or a winter indoor setting. Those are by far the hardest conditions to shoot in and an experienced pro won't cringe when showing you them. They understand the camera settings and appropriate lenses to use in all lighting scenarios and are confident with their equipment. Make sure they can show you a variety of weddings in multiple scenarios and at least ten complete wedding galleries so you can see the differences in each setting. Don't let them only show you the best highlights. 

6.) Do you have formal training or a degree?

Yes that makes a difference. Not only do I have a bachelors in photography, I also have ten years experience. Experience counts! Although some of the photographers in my network don't have formal educations they've worked in studios for years, some predominately with children (the hardest category to capture) and have years of experience under their belt training with other pros. Buying a camera and not taking classes or training with a pro shows in a photographers work. I've worked with aeronautical photographers, sports photographers, other wedding photographers and even aquarium photographers. I've been exposed to my share of difficult light settings and trained at a formal college for photography and design. Experience matters and nothing kills me more than when I see a novice charging thousands for wedding photos and the only experience they have is playing with the camera setting at friend and family events. It's important to ask if it is their full time job or part time gig. Don't get me wrong we've seen some incredibly talented part time photographers, but the question can shine light on serious pros and not so serious individuals. 


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Capturing A "Flash Free" Natural Light Wedding At The New England Aquarium In Boston, MA I met Jane this past winter when she was on the search for a wedding photographer. She and her fiance were planning their early spring wedding for 2019 at the New England Aquarium in Boston, MA and had a particular request that challenged me in new an interesting ways. The groom David's mother was particularly sensitive to flash, and they requested that no flash be in use during any of the photos. Naturally I love a challenge and considering just how dark the New England Aquarium truly is, it posed a great one. It's so important to me that my couples not only get great shots, but that their families have a great time and are comfortable through every phase of the photography process. Being mother of the groom only made it that much more important to me. 

Christopher Columbus Park presented the perfect setting for family photos. We truly lucked out with the perfect overcast day. Using natural light only, (while facing their smiles towards the sun) I was able to capture some fun loving and memorable family shots. 

On our walk over to the aquarium we found a "relic" and chose to call in the wedding of the century. 

The cafe inside the aquarium offered vast beautiful light from the bay, that really lit up their ceremony area. I alternated between a F 2.0 18-270 Tamaron lens and F 1.4 50 mm Canon. I sacrificed depth of field for bright and airy shots. Sliding behind pillars during the ceremony and out of sight I was able to capture my bride and grooms candid reactions to each others vows. The natural light, mixed with the tungsten chandeliers, and the bright wedding colors the couple chose really made the ceremony photos pop!

One of the greatest rewards to capturing a wedding at the aquarium is having the facilities after hours and without the crowds. This also produced its fair share of challenges. The penguins especially are sensitive to flash, so using a few slave flashes positioned away from them and in pre-approved spots by the staff I back lit the couple to capture this shot. 

The seals and sea lions on the other hand were no foe to the lighting and since we were off adventuring with the aquarium staff we were able to incorporate some lights. One in particular deciding to give us a show and wave us off as we headed back to the reception. 

When shooting in lower light scenarios, and higher ISO's you tend to sacrifice the size at which you can typically print an image. With that in mind my main focus with indoor shots during the reception I concentrated more on capturing the candid fun taking place, and secret smiles the guests shared with each other. Overall it was a wonderful experience and well worth its fair share of lighting challenges. Congrats to this wonderful couple!


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#FoodforthoughtThursday Getting Wedding Day Details in Order #FoodforthoughtThursday You've spent countless months and hours planning every little detail for your wedding but bride brain is a real thing. Take it from someone who suffered from it herself! Take the time you have to yourself the night before the wedding and create a checklist and day of bag. The most forgotten item is the hanger, and invitation. If you've taken the time to order and put into place even the tiniest details make a list of them as they come in and then use it to check them off the day of so you have everything you need. 



Also make sure at least three day or even up to a week before the wedding the groom and groomsmen try on their tuxes again and that everything they ordered is in the bag. One of the biggest wedding day mishaps I see are tuxedo companies sending the wrong size jacket or there aren't any shoes in one groomsmen's bag. It's not an issue you want to face head on your wedding day so make sure its all together beforehand. You'll be glad you did!


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A Valentines Baby Announcement I couldn't have been more excited when Amber and Eric reached out to me about taking photos to announce their pregnancy on Valentines Day. It's not often I get to photograph sessions like this, so I jump at the opportunity. When it came to picking a versatile location that would suite their vision, Roger Williams Park was an easy choice. We incorporated an adorable onesie with a heart, twine, and heart shaped balloons to create the perfect Valentine's Day Shoot. The red slat board siding of the Betsy Williams Cottage and rustic wooden doorway with exposed red bricks made for the perfect backdrop for a family getting ready to welcome a baby bean to their home-front.  

This family photo wouldn't have been complete without their fur baby, so of course we had a blast incorporating the soon to be "big brother" Ferguson the Scotty mix. He couldn't help but be a lovable and friendly pooch. Even though he was more interested in licking my face and sitting by me, and the camera versus in front of it. I'm more than convinced he'll make for a great big brother when it comes to welcoming this happy little families newest member.  

Our session was timed perfectly in sync with Ambers sonogram, so we were able to incorporate Baby Beans very first picture into our session. Using the long wooden and brass bridge at the Park and the beautiful pines that flourish throughout the year we were able to capture some truly touching moments for these first time parents.

Congrats to this wonderful couple on the arrival of their soon to be bundle of joy. I couldn't have be happier and more excited to capture your pregnancy announcement photos. It's is truly the greatest joy to be able to capture and be a part of such important moments in people's lives. Click Here to view the full session gallery.  

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A Winter Storm Wedding to Start the Year. I had the great adventure of photographing Alyssa and Brian's wedding this past Saturday at the Publick House in Sturbridge, MA during Winter Storm Helena. It was a great adventure braving the snow, and I'm happy to report that this wedding went off without a hitch! I often get the question "What happens in the event of poor weather?" "What do we do if it rains or snows?" "How will our photos turn out?" It's a concern that most brides have when it comes to taking photos on their wedding day, and there's one simple answer. We can't control the weather, but we can always make the best of it and have fun, and that is exactly what we did. I also always have a selection of large umbrella's, and a positive attitude readily available.


The Publick House in Sturbridge offered a beautiful layout of private rooms, ornate doors, holiday decor, and a beautiful library full of antique books that made for the perfect backdrop during the storm. Their ceremony was adorned with a beautiful holiday tree that reached to the ceilings, and the ceremony was simply sweet. Performed by the brides uncle and perfectly suited to this couples unique and lively personalities. I couldn't have been more excited to share this special day with such a charismatic couple. 



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Kristen & Andrew's Watch Hill Engagement Adventure When people ask me why I do what I do the answer is simple. I'm passionate about photography and the people I get to work with doing it. This past Sunday was a testament to that. I had the pleasure of meeting Kristen a few months back. There was an immediate connection and I was so excited when she and her fiancé Andrew chose me to shoot their wedding and engagement photos. She chose Watch Hill Ocean House, but was a little unsure as to their "policy" on non-guests taking photos on their grounds. That being said the adventure began!

A few days before our shoot I called and got the name of one of their front desk staff. He said we were welcome to take photos on the veranda, but the beach and grounds were exclusive to guests. Thankfully (for protective purposes we'll call him Joe) Joe was not there when we showed up camera in hand and informed the front desk that I had spoken with "Joe" a few days before and gotten permission to shoot on the Veranda...and grounds. The front desk was happy to oblige and we crashed this quaint little country hotels walk around veranda for some exquisite shots.   

Watch Hill itself is limited on parking and has one private beach after another, followed by one private parking lot after another. That didn't stop us though. We just melded in with the crowds heading onto the private beach and acted like we owned the place. Sometimes when you want to get the perfect shot  you've got to be willing to break a few rules. This shoot was truly an adventure worth having and we got shots in places one normally wouldn't be welcome. We even unknowingly passed by Taylor Swifts house until the locals informed us of where we were.



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A Blast From My Aviation Past For those of you who know me, I always talk about my days before dedicating myself to wedding photography. Where I started and how I got where I am today. One of the stories I tell is from my days in the media tents at the Quonset Air Show. The most memorable of that phase in my life was my time spent harnessed into a Sherpa hanging out with the Time's and Bobs Adventures as we captured the Army Ski Divers. I'll never forget what it was like to hang by a harness and sit on the edge of that plane and capture these once in a lifetime photos.

Here are a few memories from those times and some influential shots captured. The image of me is courtesy of Bob Venturini, from Bobs Big Adventures. If you're looking for a photographer with experience and a sense of adventure on your wedding day those are two things I've got covered.


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Amanda & John-Richard's Salem Ma City-side Engagment Session I was so lucky to meet Amanda this past April at the Great Gatsby Bridal Show in Mansfield, Ma. Her energy and excitement were infectious. I was even more excited when she and her fiancé contacted me to do their engagement photos in downtown Salem. The quaint buildings and hidden alleyways offered up some of the best backdrops I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I had an awesome Sunday afternoon learning more about them, and capturing this couples unique energy. Many wonderful wishes and may your destination wedding be filled with joy and happiness. To view the full gallery Click Here.

Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session Engagement Photography | Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session. Engagement Photographer, Salem MA -


Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session Engagement Photography | Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session. Engagement Photographer, Salem MA -

Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session Engagement Photography | Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session. Engagement Photographer, Salem MA -

Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session Engagement Photography | Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session. Engagement Photographer, Salem MA -

Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session Engagement Photography | Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session. Engagement Photographer, Salem MA -

Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session Engagement Photography | Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session. Engagement Photographer, Salem MA -

Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session Engagement Photography | Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session. Engagement Photographer, Salem MA -

Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session Engagement Photography | Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session. Engagement Photographer, Salem MA -

Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session Engagement Photography | Amanda and John Richard's Salem, Ma Engagement Session. Engagement Photographer, Salem MA -


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Stacia & James Patriot Place Engagement Session The Cranberry Bogs at Patriot Place are always a win when it comes to taking engagement photos. I had a great summer morning with Stacia and James as we walked the Nature Trail and meandered around the Patriots Hall of Fame. When it comes to being happy, silly, and just plain fun this couples has all those qualities. We had a great time, and some interesting conversations about Beyoncé and Minions Selfies. I can't wait to join these Pats fans on their wedding day. View the full session by Clicking Here!


Engagement Photos Patriot Place, Foxboro MAEngagement Photographer Foxboro, MA | Patriot Place Cranberry Bogs & Nature Trail Photography

(Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Deorsey) Engagement Photography Foxboro Nature Trials MA Engagement Photography Patriot Place Patriot Place Fri, 03 Jun 2016 21:23:44 GMT
Baby Gunner's Close Up I had a great Friday afternoon at Charisse and Frank's house during our 3 month shoot with baby Gunner. We've come a long way since capturing their maternity photos back last October. I got to spend some time catching up with them and while capturing this future quarterback's wonderful smile.

I've found when it comes to taking infant and baby photographs having a traveling studio just really makes the shoot more fun and stress free. We got to capture Gunner in his home, where milk is always ready and waiting and Mom & Dad have all the comforts of home readily available. Thank you both for having me over. You've got such a happy little boy on your hands and I can't wait to see all three of you again soon!

Click Here to see the full shoot and all of Gunner's great facial expressions. 

Baby and Infant Photography, Blackstone Valley MABaby and Infant Photography, Blackstone Valley MA




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The Heavenly Ginger 6 Charity Event I couldn’t have been more honored and excited when my colleague Paula at Picture It Photo Booth invited me to volunteer at the Heavenly Ginger 6 Event held this past Tuesday at the Twin River Casino Event Center in Lincoln RI. This incredible organization is run by the parents, family and friends of two extraordinary young women Keri Anne O’Donnell who was lost in a devastating car crash, and Jessica Morris who was lost to ovarian cancer. All proceeds benefit “Jessie’s Dream” and “The Keri Anne O’Donnell Memorial Fund.” The scholarships granted from these charities help pay for lessons, workshops and even Broadway training for young talented individuals.


I was so proud that I could capture such an inspiration night, as businesses, performers, family and friends came together to raise thousands in a single night. Past scholarship recipients performed, along with local dance studios and workshops that both girls were once a part of. Winners of these scholarships have been given opportunities they might have never had. Some have even gone as far as becoming Disney Cruise Line performers, while others perfect their talents through the continuation of their education.


Take a look at some of the incredible performances, booths, raffle items, and more from this great night!  Click Here to view the full gallery.  















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Share Your Love Story | Engagement Photography Winner ​As some of you may recall back in January  I held a contest for brides to win a complimentary engagement shoot. In order to enter prospective brides had to share their love story or engagement story on the post feed via the MA & RI Wedding Group. I was very touched by Jennifer's story of personal struggle and overcoming many odds that others aren't faced with in a lifetime. The story of how her now fiancé changed her whole world for the better and the story of their children was one that stood out among the crowd. Each story was unique and special in its own way, but I had to meet the girl who had overcome all the odds and ended up at happily ever after.

​This past Sunday we met up at Roger Williams Park in Providence, RI, and I was able to capture this truly inspiring couple. The pictures speak for themselves when it comes to the unique personality this couple has as a unit. We hung out, laughed, talked about farts (yes farts) and captured what it is that makes them, as strong a couple as they are. Congrats to Jen & Al on your upcoming wedding, and I'm so pleased I was able to gift you with this complimentary engagement session. May your marriage be filled with love and faith as it blossoms and grows over the years. [Below are a few of my favorites from the shoot]


Engagement Photos | Roger Williams Park, Providence RI


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Yamit's Surprise Marriage Proposal | Boston, MA Public Gardens ​I couldn't have been more excited than when Yamit contacted me about his plan to surprise his girlfriend by proposing at the Public Gardens in Boston, MA. He wanted to capture the special moment on camera and freeze the emotions in time for them to both enjoy for years to come. We worked out all the details via email and text and even coordinated on the spots I would hide, so Mebi would not see me.

Needless to say on a beautiful spring morning in the Public Park it was loaded with people, and gave me the perfect opportunity to blend into the crowd and grab a few snapshots unbeknown to Mebi. I ducked behind trees, jumped fences and flew through crowds to capture this very special moment. I couldn't be happier that I was able to witness such an incredible moment between two very wonderful people. I wish you a world of happiness and joy! 

Surprise Proposal Photographs | Blackstone Valley Photographer | Serving Whitinsville, Northbridge, Uxbridge, Sutton, Webster, Worcester, Boston, MAArts Ink Photography Engagement Proposal Photographs | Boston Public Garden in Boston MA

Surprise Proposal PhotographsIf you are looking to propose to that someone special, Arts Ink Photography looks forward to the opportunity to capture that very special moment in time.


Surprise Engagement Proposal Photographer | Serving Boston, MA | Whitinsville, MA Photographer

Engagement Proposal Photographer | Serving Boston, MA | Whitinsville, Ma PhotographerYamit & Medi's Surprise Proposal | Public Gardens, Boston MA | Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Belcourt

Surprise Engagement PhotosSurprise Engagement Photos | Boston, MA Proposal Photographs | Whitinsville, Ma Photographer


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Tips for the Best Engagement Photos Congrats on being newly engaged! Now that she's said yes, you and your fiance probably have a million questions running through your heads. Where to get married? What flavor cake? Who is going to take the photos? When it comes to wedding planning, perhaps nothing is as important as finding the right photographer, and getting the very best photos. Your engagement photos are the precursor to the actual event. Engagement photography is what helps show your spark with each other, and creates widespread awareness of your upcoming wedding. At Arts Ink Photography it's our job to know how to deliver beautiful engagement photos for soon-to-wed couples. Here are some best practices and what to expect.


Pre-Shoot Meet and Greet


We find it essential to meet our couples. Whether it's over a cup of coffee, or just sharing a laugh in the local book store. Getting to know you as a couple is the utmost important part of designing your engagement shoot, and ultimately delivering unique wedding photos. We want to build a great relationship with you so you're more comfortable in front of the lens. Don't be afraid to share. If you have a unique quirk we want to know. What do you enjoy most about each other? What is your current career path? Are you involved in any organization or church? Favorite Colors? How did your love pop "the question?"

Pick Your Location and be on Time


When it comes to choosing the right location, find a place that's meaningful for you and your love. It could be the place you met or a place you like to go together. We can offer suggestions on great place to take photos, like the Green Animals Topiary Garden in Newport, RI, Purgatory Chasm in Sutton MA, the Monastery of Our Lady of the Valley in Cumberland, RI, The Nature Trails & Cranberry Bogs at Patriot Place or even our backyard pond.


We find that outdoor shoots are the best! What's great about where we are located is there are such diverse options to pick from. There is always a great nature trail to explore or an old monastery to enhance your images. Local farms near you with old barns and rolling fields are worth contacting to see if they'd allow you on premises to take photos. We're always happy to share images with local hot spots, so feel free to tell them we'd be willing to give copies if it helps push the envelope to a "Yes."


Also don't be afraid to use props! Many of our clients and friends bring props along with them, and we provide a few as well. Whether it's a banner with your wedding date on it or your motorcycle, incorporate the things that are meaningful to you. Depending on the look you are hoping to achieve the best time to take photos is in the early afternoon or early evening when the sun is setting or within an hour of sunrise. Time of year also affects the best times to take outdoor photos. You want to avoid taking photos mid summer high noon photos if you can to avoid excessive sweating in your photos and heat stroke.


Most importantly, leave early and show up on time. Pre-plan the night before so you have all the items you need such as props, clothes for changing, water to hydrate etc. Being prepared will eliminate your stress level the day of and help you relax while being photographed. It also optimizes the amount of time we spend taking photos of you and your love.


Choosing the Right Outfit


Outside of your wedding day, most people find that picking the right outfit for their engagement photos is the second hardest. Although black is slimming, dark colors tend to accentuate that stray piece of hair or lint, and can also make you blend into the background. Avoid matching. Choose complimentary colors and textures. Avoid logos, as they will take the concentration away from you and your love, and can be distracting.


When it comes to outfit changes, wear layers. It's always easier to have something to take off than trying to find somewhere to change. Avoid wearing things like shorts and flip flops if you can (beach photos are the exception). Dress for your personality. If you're a casual couple wear a nice pair of casual jeans and a comfortable top. If you're more formal, try a cocktail dress, pearls and button down shirts.



Remember PDA is Okay!


The theme for your engagement photos is love. Our job is to capture that. We will do whatever it takes to make you comfortable. Be aware though that we probably will ask you to kiss, hug, hold hands, be playful, be silly, and be touchy-feely mushy gushy! It makes your pictures more personable. Wearing matching superhero t-shirts is a plus.




Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Belcourt is located in the Blackstone Valley Area. She services customers from both the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Area, including Uxbridge, Worcester, Sutton, Upton, Blackstone and Northbridge MA. Rhode Island areas include Smithfield, North Smithfield, Cumberland, Woonsocket, Newport, and Jamestown RI. To learn more about Arts Ink click here. If you're interested in meeting the photographer to discuss your recent engagement or upcoming wedding contact us today.


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Valerie & Josh's Christopher ColumBus Waterfront Park | Boston MA Wedding My newley appointed assistant (aka my sister Jess) and I recently had the honor of shooting Valerie and Josh's Wedding in Boston, MA at the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park. Shooting Josh and Valerie's wedding brought back some great memories of my first shoot at the Blackstone Park in Woonsocket, RI. This was my first park wedding since then. 

Orenberg Family Wedding Photos by Arts Ink Photography | Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park in Boston MA

Nothing is quite as quaint as a park wedding. As they shared their wedding vows onlookers couldn't help but stop and linger, becoming permenant monuments to the testimonies of love Valerie and Josh shared on a cool summers day. 

Orenberg Family Wedding Photos by Arts Ink Photography | Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park in Boston MA

One thing Jess, and I can agree on when it comes to discussing the Orenberg Wedding is that there was one wedding hero we felt the need to honor when writing this blog. We've never seen the Mother of the Groom more on top of her game, and invovled in making sure the wedding prep went just perfect than we did in Boston. Here's a special shout out to Gail, Josh's mom and all the hard work we watched her put in behind the scenes. Also to a special little girl who was the best photographers helper by far...little Miss Emma.  

Orenberg Family Wedding Photos by Arts Ink Photography | Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park in Boston MA

All in all it was a wonderful time and we couldn't have be more greatful that Josh and Valerie asked us to share their special day. What's truley unique about Josh and Valerie is how naturally they just "click". Valerie seems to be this calm balance of patience and virtue, who reels in those around her and bring everyone back down to earth with her. While Josh is a fun loving, secret rap artist who dressed to impress like a madman ad executive. This wonderful little family has many greats years ahead of them for sure. Especially with a little girl who is the perfect combination of their best attributes. Congrats Josh and Valerie on your special day! Click on any image to see a first look at their wedding gallery. More images to come!!!

(Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Deorsey) Sun, 21 Jun 2015 05:11:02 GMT
Darlene & Jack Engagement Photos | Topiary Gardens- Portsmouth, RI Timeless. Classic. Meant to Be. Those are all words I would choose when it comes to describing couple Darlene and Jack. They truely radiate a strong love and adoration for each other. I had a great time exploring the Topiary Gardens in Portsmouth RI and taking engagement photos of this fun-filled couple. Thank you so much for choosing Arts Ink Photography as your Wedding Photographer! 

Wedding Photography, Portsmouth RI. Arts Ink Photography Topiary Gardens Engagement Photos

I truley enjoyed each and every moment of this shoot. Darlene and Jack just have this natural chemistry about them, and were so relaxed during the shoot. Nothing is more exciting than two people willing to try just about anything for a great shot. 

Wedding Photography, Portsmouth RI. Arts Ink Photography Topiary Gardens Engagement Photos

Of course Whatever inside jokes Jack kept whispering to Darlene made for some fun filled photos. Its a great example of how well this couple works and plays together. Can't wait to capture your special day Darlene and Jack. I hope you enjoyed the admission tickets to the gardens and museum at the end of the shoot! Click on any photo to view the full gallery. 

Wedding Photography, Portsmouth RI. Arts Ink Photography Topiary Gardens Engagement Photos]]>
(Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Deorsey) Tue, 09 Jun 2015 01:36:50 GMT
Wells Cancun, Mexico Destination Wedding Photos There was simply no way I could choose a favorite photo when it came to shooting the Wells Destination Wedding in Cancun, Mexico. Every inch of Cancun offers unbelievable photos to capture. It was an honor being invited on this amazing family vacation. All the incredible and intimate moments I was able to capture of this beautiful couple, of whom I am proud to call family.

Destination Wedding Photographers | Massachusetts Wedding Photographers | Serving Destination Weddings | The Arts Ink Professional Wedding Photography

Tammy worked so hard, and was dedicated to each small detail, while Russel brought a tear to every eye with his wedding vows. In the 100 degree heat, I couldnt help but continue to praise Tammy who carried herself so well in her incredible wedding dress, doned with small pink flowers.  It was a beautiful site as we all watched Danny, Tammy's brother walk her down the sand aisle to a gossamer style archmway. Tammy tread lightly on the fresh rose petals that "doodle bug" spread across the sand. 

Destination Wedding Photographers | Massachusetts Wedding Photographers | Serving Destination Weddings | The Arts Ink Professional Wedding Photography

Of course, having taken the engagement photos, as their first dance came to an end I couldn't help but encourage the girls to run up and hug Tammy and Russ; mirroring a photo we captured in the fall. The pose is almost exactly perfect to that photo taken and it was done unintentionally by the girls. I of course I had alterior motives ;) for an impromptu, but perfect first family photo. 

Destination Wedding Photographers | Massachusetts Wedding Photographers | Serving Destination Weddings | The Arts Ink Professional Wedding Photography

To wrap up an almost perfect day. Nothing is more beautiful than watching husband and wife hand in hand on the sand. Thank you Tammy and Russ for having the love and faith in me to take your wedding photos and for having me on your vacation. Click on any of the photos to see the first round of wedding images. Stay tuned there's more to come....

(Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Deorsey) Cancun, Mexico Wedding Photographer Destination Wedding Photos Massachusetts Wedding Photographer Wedding Photographer Sun, 24 May 2015 15:02:52 GMT
"Valerie & Josh Patriot Place Nature Walk and Cranberry Bog Engagement Photos | Foxoboro, MA Who knew there was a Nature Walk behind the Bass Pro Shop at Patriot Place in Foxboro, Ma. It seems fitting that the "nature enthusiast" shop would have such an incredible trail located just behind it with access to the infamous Ocean Spray Cranberry Bogs. This is the location Valerie and Josh hand selected for their engagement photos. Surronded by all manner of beast including orange winged tipped crows, turtles, and ducks "oh my," we captured some really special moments between this lovely couple. 

Arts Ink Engagement and Wedding Photography by Kristy-Lee Belcourt

We always enjoy the opportunity to get to know new couples, and share in their special story. Valerie and Josh who met over 5 years ago at UMass Dartmouth share a daughter named Emma. Their incredible love story started with their education and expanded when a beautiful ring in a box placed ever so gently within Emma's crib, to which Valerie said "Yes."

Arts Ink Engagement and Wedding Photography by Kristy-Lee Belcourt

They are easily the funest and most laid back of all couples we've ever photographed...that is until a duck or two come along. You know what we mean Josh. lol. We quite some fun dodging natures hacks, and only they will know what it means when we say "How many sisters does it take to screw in a light bulb." Needless to say we can't wait to see what their wedding day holds at the Waterfront Park in Boston in June. Thank you Valerie and Josh for a fun filled day. 


Arts Ink Engagement and Wedding Photography by Kristy-Lee Belcourt]]>
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Baby Vicktor | Frog Prince Baby Photography Shoot Recently I've been trying to re-invigorate my baby & infant photography skills. As a dedicated Wedding photographer and full time designer, it makes zoning in on other areas quite hard. That why modeling shoots with little guys like these are so important to keep ones talent fresh. Many thanks go out to AK and Brittany for their incredible help with this shoot, and for allowing Baby Vicktor to pose as a Newborn Photography model. We had quite some fun gettting these photos. 

Arts Ink Baby Photography by Kristy Lee Belcourt in Whitinsville, MA | Serving Massachusetts and Rhode Island Residents

My backdrop technique is unique when it come to photographing your newborn or infant. Throw in a little masking tape and decorative wrapping paper, and "viola" you've got a nice backdrop that tiny accidents won't make a mess of. The chances of anyone ever duplicating that backdrop are slim, which means your baby has something unique in their photo. Using either a boppie or bean bag I position the baby in multiple poses comfortabley. This makes it easy to change the backdroup out or throw your favorite blanket in for fun. 

Arts Ink Baby Photography by Kristy Lee Belcourt in Whitinsville, MA | Serving Massachusetts and Rhode Island Residents

I think it's important to always make sure baby in comfortable, which is why two hours are dedicated to the shoot. That way breaks can be taken for feeding, catnaps, and re-establishing fun. It keeps baby, as well as mommy & daddy relaxed, and able to enjoy the experience. You would never know that during this newborn photography session I had a German Sheperd stuck to my side the entire time, gracefully protecting his charge. You might also be unaware that the backdrop was taped to the back of a couch, and that there was no nautral lighting to be had. Having a Newborn or Infant Photography session is as simple, as a phone call. We take care of the rest. 

(Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Deorsey) Baby Photos Infant Photography Newborn Photography Newborn Portraits Picture People Thu, 09 Apr 2015 22:15:48 GMT
Maddie & Devin Coite Wedding- Zabriskie Memorial Church of St. John the Evangelist in Newport RI When it comes to a bride who has a talent for designing a wedding Maddie was that bride. Every detail corresponded to the next item and flowed so gracefully. Her thorough flare for the organic country style was a great reflection of her and Devin's down to earth personalities. This seaside wedding set on the lawn of the Zabriskie Memorial Church of St. John the Evangelist in Newport RI. It was the perfect setting for a quaint wedding of only 75. 


Arts Ink Wedding Photography by Kristy-Lee Belcourt- Newport Wedding Photography


Every guest who sat a spell for the ceremony had the honor of carrying their own seat back into the hall for dinner. Once the lawn was clear guests could partake in liquid courage in the shape of peach tea with bourbon, as well as partake in lawn games, while myself and the wedding party snuck away for some intimate images. During the ceremony the couple were blessed with leaves dipped in holy water held in a large beautiful shell, upon a beautiful copper alter, from the original church. The guest blew bubbles instead of throwing rice, as the happy couple were announced as husband and wife. The tall tree served as the perfect backdrop, allowing for bursts of sunlight to grace this couple with a blessing of sunshine.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic


The ocean pier and Old Newport Dinner Car Railroad served as the perfect backdrop when it came to photographing the wedding party. The gents had fun fooling around and checking out the pogies that filled the bay. Doing the family snapshots were by far the most fun. We used the maid of honors hand made photo booth items to capture the unique and fun personalities of both sides of the family. This is a couple who is surrounded by love and will surely have a romantic life full of laughter and light. Congrats Maddie & Devin & thanks for choosing Arts Ink for your wedding photos. 


Arts Ink Wedding Photography by Kristy-Lee Belcourt- Newport Wedding Photography



(Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Deorsey) Affordable Newport Wedding Photos Newport Wedding Photographer Zabriskie Memorial Church of St. John the Evangelist in Newport RI Mon, 22 Sep 2014 02:54:24 GMT
Chivara-Vargus- Mechanics Hall, Worcester, MA Wedding Photos There is never a better feeling than having old friends reach out after so many years of college have passed, asking if you'll capture their special day. Dora and Armando's day was a fairly tale wedding. Her long beautiful gown and his genuine smile of love was a wonderful experience to be a part of. I have to say though their beautiful daughter stole the show with her bright little personality and flare for fashion sense. 


Wedding Photographer, Worcester, Ma- Mechanics Hall Wedding Photographer


This was my first traditional Mexican Wedding. The Ceremony was held in Nashua New Hampshire in a beautiful church. Watching a traditional Mexican boda is a bit like studying the history of the country over the past seven centuries. Rituals, customs & traditions combined from the Spanish, Aztec, Native American, & Anglo-American cultures are found throughout the wedding. What I was most exciting about was seeing the  “Lazo”, which is a sort of tied rope which can be made from something as simple as a ribbon. It was placed around Dora and Armand during the ceremony  to symbolically join the bride and groom . It is placed around the necks of the couple – in a figure 8- after they have exchanged their vows to represent their linked future together; the joining of two lives. It’s also called a “UNITY LACE”. This was done by close family members they called god-parents.


Wedding Photographer, Worcester, Ma- Mechanics Hall Wedding Photographer


I have to say the most touching parts of the ceremony, outside of course their first kiss was the “ofrenda.” An offering made from the bride to the Virgin of Guadalupe at the church when in a Catholic ceremony. Both Dora an Armando knelt and prayed to leave thanks and a flower bouquet at the virgin’s icon altar at the very end of the ceremony before the procession out of the church. 


Wedding Photographer, Worcester, Ma- Mechanics Hall Wedding Photographer


The wedding reception was held in Worcester, Ma at Mechanics Hall. The long red velvet carpet covered stairs serve as an amazing choice of backdrops for both the couple and the wedding party. It also opened up a great opportunity for family members to hang in the background and take some images of their own. I always allow for family members to do that so long as they keep their flashes off and don't distract the couple from looking away. It also gives family members far and wide an opportunity to jump in with the couple for special photos. I'm excited to see this couples relationship blossom through the years and wish them many wonderful years of happiness with their bright little girl. 


(Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Deorsey) Massachusetts Wedding Photographer Mechanics Hall Wedding Photographers Mexican Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographer Uxbridge, MA Wedding Photographer, Worcester MA Fri, 19 Sep 2014 03:36:42 GMT
Madeline & Devin Engagement Shoot | Newport RI I had the great pleasure of shooting Madeline and Devin's engagement session this Sunday at a beach-side mansion with beautiful botanical gardens. Newport is always a great choice for engagement photos, especially with all the great mansions. They add such a a unique character to the photos and most of the grounds are so expansive that finding awesome items and backgrounds to work with is a no brainer. The child size animal rocking chairs were a personal favorite of mine along with the wooden swing. 


Engagement Photos in Newport Rhode Island by Arts Ink Photography

We had a great time finding secret nooks on the seaside train tracks. Watching Devin and Madeline was like capturing a moment from bed-knobs and broomsticks, when the main character dances down the train tacks in a dream, combined with a Van Gogh ballerina painting. 

Engagement Photos in Newport Rhode Island by Arts Ink Photography

The botanical garden animals carved from hedges weren't the only plants that livened up the gardens. We were able to duck into a large grove of bamboo shoots and get up close and personal. It was truly a great day. Truffle Sauce fries in Newport followed by a great shoot! Thanks Madeline and Devin for a great Engagement Shoot in Newport. Can't wait for the wedding in September! 

Engagement Photos in Newport Rhode Island by Arts Ink Photography

(Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Deorsey) Engagement Photography Engagement Photos Mon, 11 Aug 2014 01:21:34 GMT
Arcand Pregnancy Photo Shoot Nothing is better than shooting excited parents to be. Casey and Mike were a great couple to spend the day with at Scarborough Beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Doing pregnancy photos there is a lot of flexibility with outfits and locations. Choosing a location that really speaks to who you are as a couple can speak volumes into the images.


Pregnancy Photos by Arts Ink Photography at Scarborough Beach in Narragansett RI


We used the ruins on the far end of the beach to create a really awesome bohemian style shoot. Casey definitely grabbed the perfect pieces for her shoot. Using two separate scarves as pieces to shape the belly worked out against her skin color perfectly and really bounced off the ocean blue. 


Pregnancy Photos by Arts Ink Photography at Scarborough Beach in Narragansett RI


I love using the ocean to do pregnancy photos, because it's all about new things to come and new beginnings. We used the classic white outfits and just had a great time walking in the waves and enjoying the scenery, which gave this really natural relaxed look. 

The ruins with the coral color outfits and the bright sunlight peaking through created this really great rustic look towards the end of the shoot. Next to weeding photography, pregnancy photos are by far some of my favorite images to take. Thanks to a wonderful couple for a great day at the beach.


Pregnancy Photos by Arts Ink Photography at Scarborough Beach in Narragansett RI


(Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Deorsey) Pregnancy Photographer Pregnancy Photographer, Uxbridge MA Pregnancy Photography Worcester, MA Pregnancy Photos Pregnancy Photos Massachusetts Pregnancy Photos Rhode Island Sun, 10 Aug 2014 05:49:37 GMT
Helpful Wedding Day Tips- What Most Bride's Never Think Of I've seen it more than once wedding couples who scramble the day of their wedding, because they forgot to write a check to a vendor, or the heel to their bridesmaids shoe broke. Here are some helpful tips for your wedding day on ways to be prepared for your special day and combat the last minute items that can happen.

1. Something Old, Something New, Something Blue: Don’t forget the essential accessories like your something old, new and blue. Items like the flower girl’s basket, the ring bearers’ pillow, cake knife, and the guest book and pen.

2. Charge Your Technology: Other things most brides forget to do on their big day is make sure all their technology is charged. Make sure the night before that you’re wedding party and yourself have all your phones charged in the off chance that your limo gets a flat on the way to the ceremony.

3. Lay it All Out: You’ve had a mental snapshot since you were a child of what you want you’re wedding to look like. Take all those details and pick a room in your house or hotel room and lay it all out: the dress, shoes, jewelry, handbags etc.  Keep options on hand, like two sets of earrings in case the first pair breaks.

4. Wedding Day Survival Kit: Making wedding day survival kits with your wedding party is a great way to relax the night before your wedding and help elevate the stress the day before. Pack items light a tide to go stick, pins, a needle and thread, body tape, makeup, extra panty-hose, earrings, lip-gloss, etc.

5. Bring Extra Cash: You never know when something might pop up, or you might find one of your vendors performed above and beyond your expectations. Having extra money on hand for gratuity even for the cab driver on the way to the airport it important to remember.

6. Snapshot: Make sure to check in with all your vendors and confirm your date. Don't leave anything to chance. You've spent all this time preparing for your wedding. Calling the caterer a week ahead of schedule to re-confirm your menu is never a bad thing to do. If you've got family members like out of town relatives you want to make sure you have images of, make sure to give your wedding photographer a list.

(Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Deorsey) Day Guide Helpful Hints Photography Survival Tips Tricks Wedding and for your Thu, 20 Mar 2014 20:26:48 GMT
Summer Travel May Require a Passport Photo- Tips and Tricks Are you looking to get away this summer and travel overseas, to the islands or even just take a road trip to Canada.Do you have a passport? Well if you don't now is the time to get one, as government policies require you to have one even if it means your jumping the Canadian border for the weekend. 

Click Here To Contact Us to Schedule You Passport Photo Today 

  • The most important process in requiring a passport is making sure your passport photograph is within government standards. Trust me this can be a tedious process.
  • Did you know the government actually recommends that you use a professional photographer when getting a photograph taken for your passpor?. Your photo is a vital part of your passport application.
  • The acceptance of your photo is always at the discretion of the U.S. passport agency. To ensure your photo meets all the requirements review the information below provided from the government travel site.

If you are applying for a U.S. Passport, you must provide one (1) photo. Your passport photo must be:

  • In color
  • Printed on photo quality paper
  • 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size
  • Sized such that the head is between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches (between 25 and 35 mm) from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head. 
  • Taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance
  • Taken in front of a plain white or off-white background
  • Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera
  • With a neutral facial expression and both eyes open
  • Taken in clothing that you normally wear on a daily basis:
    • Uniforms should not be worn in your photo, except religious clothing that is worn daily.
    • Do not wear a hat or head covering that obscures the hair or hairline, unless worn daily for a religious purpose. Your full face must be visible, and the head covering must not cast any shadows on your face.
    • Headphones, wireless hands-free devices or similar items are not acceptable in your photo.
    • If you normally wear prescription glasses, a hearing device or similar articles, they may be worn for your photo.
    • Dark glasses or non-prescription glasses with tinted lenses are not acceptable unless you need them for medical reasons (a medical certificate may be required)
    • Glare on glasses is not acceptable in your photo. Glare can be avoided with a slight downward tilt of the glasses or by removing the glasses or by turning off the camera flash.  


Photo Composition Template


 Photos copied or digitally scanned from driver’s licenses or other official documents are not acceptable. In addition, snapshots, magazine photos, low quality vending machine or mobile phone photos, and full-length photographs are not acceptable.


Source: Click Here To View Government Regulations.

(Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Deorsey) passport photo photographer photos regulations Mon, 22 Apr 2013 13:50:16 GMT
Sweet Dreams Cupcake Photo Shoot Thanks to Shelly Johnson, owner of Sweet Dreams; a delicious cupcake baker for allowing Arts Ink Photography & Design to take your launch photos for your first round of cupcake baking and catering service ad materials

This shoot was definitely unlike any other I've done, but it was exciting to use some of my new equipment that's built for this shoot. Using a light box kit and a few things around the kitchen I was able to capture the great design of each cupcake. The most fun part will always be getting the kids involved and giving them a part in the shoot. Thanks to her 11 year old daughter for helping with the lighting and her bumblebee design. 

I look forward to seeing your business grow!

(Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Deorsey) Cupcakes Dream Sweet business cupcakes food photography photography. product Wed, 27 Feb 2013 01:59:03 GMT
Nemo- The Blizzard of 2013 Part 2 Comparison

It would seem upon waking that the storm of 2013 may have not fallen short of the blizzard of 78. My father corrected my inclination though with a description from his childhood. The snow reached a little over three feet in our back doorway and standing aside of it you could easily see it was half the size of me. That being said my father said it was no comparison to the storm of 78. He said he could jump onto the neighbors four way pitched roof and he and his friends would tie a rope around each other and dive straight down into the snow. The ropes you see were quite necessary as the snow was halfway up the highest point on the roof.

Needless to say Nemo still took its toll, especially with the news reporting thousands without power. I think the most exhilarating, and interesting part of the storm was the snow lightning and thunder. It makes one think what would have three feet worth of rain looked like? I guess that’s sort of the benefit of snow. It’s dense and slow melting. Unless we get hit with a major heat wave all in all it’s easier to manage on the extreme weather front.

I think there is something to be learned regardless on the home front. With so many without power National Grid should start looking into educational, an financial assistance programs on the east coast. One’s that will provided homes with generators, or create one themselves that allows them to identify the weakest areas in their grid and supply back-up power. After all they are the power experts, and with 60 mile an hour force winds and three feet of snow these sorts of contingency plans are imperative. If they haven’t got the resources to do so then make use of the incredibly talented logistics available in the Army National Guard, and work together ahead of time to prepare outside the box. It always seems like those guys are. Take advantage of their talent. 25 degree conditions in homes where elderly and maybe even small children may live are not safe. Shelters are also necessary to keep people warm. It shouldn't be conditions like these that promote city officials to think outside the box. With the way our economy is they should be a constant thought on how we can help out neighbors.

Speaking of neighbors I have to say our neighborhood is one to be proud of. Someone recently just said to me that it only seems that in times of crisis Americans know how to pull together. They said it like it was a bad think guaranteed Americans do need to learn to pull closer together. Our technology has changed the way we interact with each other so much we forget how to be good neighbors and look beyond ourselves and aid our community. I cant say that this was the case in my neighborhood. 

Gearing up to capture the aftermath of the storm I prepared to brave the three feet of snow with my dad to see if we could make a dent in the white caps cascading over our town. ME in my of course ever fashionable attire; three shirts, a sweater, knee high books, flap side hat, scarf (mittens today- yesterday frost bite was harsh), and my all time favorite bright turquoise jacket I headed out in the wind wiped, white dusted scenery where our yard and vehicles were sure to be. You can see from the images in the slide show below our cars attempted to make an appearance, but the snow and drifts won in the end.  You can also see the difference in the accumulation from yesterday's street images to today's. Unlike in the evening where I was braving the force winds and snow alone, sine everything had quieted down my neighbors and friends ventured out on the same task of reclaiming their homes, vehicles and yards from the snow. I even convinced my friendly neighbor Kyle (who mind you in approx. six feet tall) to jump in the center of one of the sidewalk mounds to show everyone a snow height comparison. As you can see its about half of him. Thanks Kyle.

Looking around though an outsider might see a street full of people just trying to clear the snow, but our neighborhood, well we work together. My father, well you can call him the snow blowing king. He always goes the extra mile to help those who aren't as fortunate in this area. My across the street neighbor was quite lucky, as were we since his snow blower as hard as he tried kept dying with the density of the snow. No worries dad to the rescue, while his daughters and I got to work on pushing and shoveling the excess that the blowers could not remove. We worked as an integral team. Although put a tool with gas and power into any mans hands and they get that take charge he-man mentality; leaving us girls twiddling our thumb at certain points (Not complaining. The less snow the better). IT was a site to see at least six home owners all switching back and forth between houses and their families to help where they needed it. Making sure the older neighbors who were either out of town or unable had walkways cleared free of snow just like the rest of us. At the end of it all its always inspiring to see the way a community can come together in times of need.  


(Arts Ink Photography by Kristy-Lee Deorsey) blizzard blog Sat, 09 Feb 2013 22:09:17 GMT
Nemo- The Blizzard of 2013 Let's face it for people my age the inclination of the blizzard of '78 has really been a story that our parents, and our parents parents have talked about over the last 35 years. My mother described her experience as both scary and fun. She said she and her siblings could jump from the second story windows and land relatively safe, because the snow was so high. For those of us who didn't live through it, it's always been something of a white faerie tale. Today proved nothing short of a faerie tale. Although I still think that Nemo falls short of the '78 experience;mind you we are still in the hype of the storm, and it may prove me otherwise. 

Being a photographer I felt it necessary to take certain risks, so that this storm had it own sort of historical documentation. Although I don't think people will ever forget it, especially with it's unique name Nemo. If you have children or nephews and nieces and haven't found Nemo yet you've missed out. I digress.

My first inclination in hearing about the storm was to grab my close friends and hit up the store for some sleds. You're never too old for sledding. My friends on the other hand were really bred more for the beaches. At the sheer mention of wet snow their faces turn quickly into a horrified almost insulted look. With my boyfriend ( A fellow sled advocate), being part of the Army National Guard and on active duty for the blizzard I settled for the next best thing. I grabbed my camera and headed out in the white dunes of Nemo.  

Not without proper preparations of course. My father always said it doesn't matter what you look like so long as your warm. I over the years have adopted this motto in the most perfect sense. So much so that when I started to tread out the door even he failed to hold back an amused smile. I guess two pairs of sweat pants, snow pants, three shirts, a white ear flap hat, a hat-scarf, black snow boots that go up to my knees, a turquoise jacket and reflective vest for safe treading may have warranted it. No I didn't forget mittens, I needed my fingers free for the camera. Now I'm not quite large so picture an elf size human in the described outfit treading on the sidewalk in knee deep snow totting a camera with a minimum 20 mile an hour winds and snow continuing to fall. I think you get the picture.

My Camera of course, well that's hard to dress. I had to settle with a plastic bag with a hole punched in the middle. Which I might ad was not as handy as I had hoped. It would have acted great as a sail, as it kept acting like one and trying to take my camera away with it, as I knelt in the corner cusp of the road to take pictures of the storm.

The best way to describe the experience was simply, an Alaskan storm. I truly felt walking down my cobbled pathway into the knee deep snow that I was living in Alaska. The cities I must say are doing a substantial job ad continuously clearing the roads. In this weather an inch think snow blanket is much better than where it could be. Treading on the sidewalk I found was the safer of the available options, even with the reflective vest. Lets face it I'm small and I don't prefer to be taken out by a plow.  

I have to admit in this scenario it wasn't so much about capturing a great image. Let's face it the weather won this war. It was more about capturing a piece of the heart of the white storm. Tomorrow may yield some captivating images of our rural little city covered in snow. The images provided are from standing in front of my home, my city street and then 35 feet down where the high school lies. The high wind and white dust definitely remove one's ability to see much of anything. Again the plows have kept up a great deal with clearing the roads steadily, but looking at the sidelines you can see the accumulation.

My frost bitten fingers will heal and be forgotten, as our bodies are programmed to forget pain, but this storm and these images most likely will not. (As a side note in the fifteen minutes between me leaving and returning my 5 inch book marks were almost completely covered). Stay tuned for more image of the aftermath tomorrow, as I'll be rising bright and early to see where Nemo has left us. For a city that's named "The City on the Go," walking back towards my home I have to say it was definitely a city in pause. 


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Lighting V. Concept Many other photographers would argue that light is the entity which dictate a grande photo. To some retrospect I can agree, but there's a reason why I spend 1-2 hours with each of my appointment. You are spending the majority of your time capturing the personality. This is particularly important when it comes to kids. It takes at least the first half hour to get them relaxed and in tune with what you are doing. You can have perfect lighting and an incredibly unhappy child. What make my photography different is I focus on the quality of the image, those little things, that when a parent goes to look at the photo they go "wow that's Johnny's goofy smile, that's so him!" It's about capturing the character. Keeping what animates the subject alive in a snapshot, so when you look at your pictures years later that character is still alive. What I do is not commercialized. I spent a fair amount of time in the commercial photo field and it can suck the creativity out of a photographer. I do the one on one experience with a relaxed on site atmosphere because kids react better to it and because that 99.9% of what you do in Weddings.

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